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Couples Counselling

Relationships are exposed to many challenges during their life-time. Expectations, parenting, illness, work, loss, retirement, differences in background and culture are to name just a few.

When the couple can't resolve their issues and concerns they can find themselves having rows and resenting each other, withdrawing from each other and ultimately they can feel they are drifting apart. The relationship gets lost.

Counselling can help couples find the time to talk to each other again and hear each other in a safe, neutral space. This can help them to take a step back and hear how they are being with each other in their relationship. I keep the session balanced and support the couple in helping each one understand the other as they explore their issues and begin to understand what is going on.

Sometimes it can be very hard to talk about personal issues but I will work with you at your pace and will help you find a way forward.