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My approach

I am passionate about counselling being a way of helping people find a calmer, more satisfying place to be.

Many of us are so busy with our day to day life that any underlying issues can fester away inside us and gradually become overwhelming. This can have a great impact on ourselves and the people around us. Home and work life can all suffer. My clients are individuals and couples with many different issues - there is no such thing as a "typical" issue, it can be anything which is having an adverse affect on your life. It doesn't have to fit into a category.

In my experience, some people feel the decision to contact a counsellor is a failure to "sort themselves out" or “move on”. However, having the courage to contact a counsellor is a huge step forward in helping you see things differently. Friends and family can offer valuable support but counselling can give you the necessary time and a confidential place to talk things through with someone who is not emotionally involved.

I offer a comfortable, safe and confidential place to talk and explore your worries and thoughts without fear of judgement. I listen and focus on whatever you bring to the sessions and help you make sense of your difficulties. The sessions are for you and you set the pace.

As a Person Centred counsellor, I believe that each one of us has the ability to reach our own potential. In respecting your values and approach to life, I will support you in making changes and in coming to terms with those things that you can’t change.

As a registered member of BACP I work within their Ethical Framework.